Sam's In-Store Sales Resources

Click the links below to find answers to common product questions or click on the chat ion at the bottom of the screen to speak to a live help agent. 

Phone enrollment number: 877-757-0926

What are customer service hours?  

Our call center is open 24/7/365

What’s customer service #?  

(866) 229-4584

Is the filter credit yearly?

This credit is available first year only.

Is condensate clog covered? 

No. That would be considered cleaning/maintenance.

Can I add pool? 


Is septic covered? 


Do we replace older systems?  

Yes.  If the appliance or system is a covered item and it’s a mechanical breakdown due to normal wear and tear

Can I file claim on two items and pay one deductible?  

Each claim you file is subject to a deductible.

What do I do if the QR code doesn’t work?  

First try again by X’ing out of the page and scanning the QR code again. If that doesn’t work call the back-up phone line, 866-924-2401.

What is the deductible? 


Can I buy down the deductible? 


What’s the cap? 

Cap on appliances the cap is $3000, systems $5000 and the plan limit is $10,000.

Do we get credit if the customer goes home and orders the warranty? 

If they save the landing page and complete the enrollment from that page, yes.

Do we cover concrete encased plumbing? 


Do we cover the control panel on smart refrigerator? 


Do we get 5% back if we purchase the plan with sams credit card? 


Do we cover alarm systems? 


Is water softener covered? 


What is a food center? 

A built-in food center is an electrical device that contains a motor installed beneath the countertop of a kitchen.

Can I cancel my current Cinch plan and get the Sams policy? 

You will need to review the cancellation policy with customer service (866) 229-4584.

What is the cap per claim? 

Appliances is $3000 and Systems is $5000

Do we cover mobile homes? 

Yes, if on a permanent foundation and no older than 10 years.

How do we handle SEER compatibility for replacements?

If we elect to replace an air conditioning condenser or heat pump unit, and it becomes necessary to make a mechanical modification to the evaporator coil to provide operational compatibility, we agree to pay the covered costs for one (1) of the following (determination is at our sole discretion) only: expansion metering device, or coil, or air handler. This Agreement does not cover any costs associated with modifications or upgrades required to match efficiency value, rating, or ratio.

How many hvac zones do we cover?


Do cover upgrading the electrical and plumbing if its old?

Our standard coverage does not address code upgrades.

Will the warranty cover upgrading AC?  

Our standard coverage does not address code upgrades.

What is unknown pre-x?  

The definition of an unknown preexisting conditions is - if the failure could not have been detected by a visual inspection or a simple mechanical test than it would be considered “unknown”.

What is an instant hot? 

Instant hot water dispensers are simply miniature electric water heaters that serve a single faucet. A small, under-sink tank heats and holds nearly boiling water, ready for steamy delivery through a sink-top spout that's separate from the main tap.

Do we cover servicing?  

Cleaning / Servicing / General Maintenance is not addressed by the warranty.

Do we have BBB rating?

Yes. As of 10/17 it was a B

What is BBB rating? 

As of 10/17 it was a B.

What is the renewal cost?

Currently SAMS plans are renewing at the first-year rate. If that changes the customer will be notified prior to their renewal.

Can we have a lower deductible? 

No. The Sam's policies are 3 set plans and cannot be altered.